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Colorado’s Lesson to Other States on Marijuana

The State of Colorado did not make money overnight. When recreational marijuana use became legal on January 1st, 2014, the state had only made about $1.4 million in sales in the first month. By December of that year, those sales had risen to $5.4 million.

The total haul for Colorado’s pot sales (including both medical and […]

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Cannabis Vending Machines are here

Imagine your typical Friday night; finish work, call some friends, get some booze, stop by that neighborhood corner store for chasers, snacks, cigarettes and whatever other last minute item you might need. You think that everything is done and ready but can’t help feeling slightly anxious that your sources are either dry or not picking […]

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Pot Discrimination in Digital Marketing

Although it may seem that social stigma surrounding cannabis has loosened across North America in recent years, the internet still remains relatively anti-pot. At least when it comes to advertising. “There’s a lack of support from tech companies in general for cannabis companies”, said Paris Holley, co-founder of the Mantis advertising network. Companies like Google […]

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