Imagine your typical Friday night; finish work, call some friends, get some booze, stop by that neighborhood corner store for chasers, snacks, cigarettes and whatever other last minute item you might need. You think that everything is done and ready but can’t help feeling slightly anxious that your sources are either dry or not picking up the phone. Although rare, those shitty nights where you just can’t find a gram of nug to save your life can still happen once in a while. But not for long.

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the rumors surrounding the future of automated pot sale in vending machines. Over the past weekend, the Zazzz cannabis vending machine made its debut at Seattle Caregivers, a medical marijuana dispensary in Washington State:

These bad boys are now providing various strains of cannabis, edibles, hemp infused energy drinks, single-use vaporizer pens and other goodies to qualified patients. To make matters even easier, the machines feature a build-in screen to provide in-depth product information and use cameras, scanners and facial recognition to verify the buyers face with that of their identification.

American Green, the manufacturer of Zazzz, says the machines will only be accepting cash or bitcoin and are specially reinforced to prevent damage from break-in attempts.

To think that we can all one day live in a world where you can grab a twenty sac and a pepsi while pumping your gas at the local esso.